What is the address for Titan Warehouse?

Splott Market, Titan Road; CF24 5JB Cardiff

What are the running times of the events at Titan Warehouse?

On Friday 4th October gates open at 4pm and the event will finish at 11pm. On Saturday 5th October gates open at 2pm and the event will finish at 11pm.

Will there be tickets available to buy on the door?

No all tickets must be purchased in advance.

What time is last entry?

Last entry 8pm Friday and 7pm Saturday. 11pm curfew.

What form of ID is accepted?

Forms of ID accepted at Titan are a Valid Passport, a Drivers License, or a Validated UK ID card.

Will I be searched on the way in?

Everyone is searched on the way in as a condition of entry. This is for us to ensure that no one is carrying anything dangerous or illegal into the venue.

Is there an age restriction at Titan Warehouse?

All customers must be over the age of 16yrs old and will need to show ID upon entry and also at the bars. Titan Warehouse operates a Challenge 25 policy and refusal system. If you look under the age of 25 then the bar staff will ask you to prove that you are over 18yrs old.

What if I need medical assistance when I am at Titan Warehouse?

If you require medical facilities you can find them outside the venue in front of the entrance. Medics will also be regularly patrolling inside the venue to offer welfare assistance if needed.

What is the dress code at Titan Warehouse?

The dress code is casual but not scruffy. Tracksuits are allowed. Small Bumbags are allowed.

Can I keep my water bottle top when in the venue?

Titan Warehouse does not sell bottles of water with the lids on and all lager and cider bottles are opened before going over the bar. There are two reasons for this. An unopened drinks vessel is heavy and can travel far if thrown and do damage if it hits someone. Also, an unopened vessel, if stood on, will roll and can lead to injury.

Is there any free drinking water at the venue?

There is free drinking water from the two main bars should anyone feel dehydrated.

What if I get hungry?

There will be a selection of food vendors at all Titan Warehouse events.

Are there any disabled facilities?

Yes there are disabled toilets inside the venue.

Where can I find information regarding disabled access and assistance?

Please email access@titanwarehouse.co.uk and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is there anywhere to charge my mobile phone?

No, make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave home.

What am I not allowed to bring into the venue?

Illegal Substances
Liquids of any sorts – including perfumes/ liquid makeup products/ aerosols/ drinks
Glass of any sorts – perfume bottles, glass bottles
No food
No flares or fireworks
Man bags
No rucksacks or large bags
Weapons of any descriptions or replicas

How long does it take to get into Titan Warehouse?

In order to keep our customer’s safe we ensure that everyone is searched on the way in. Although this may slow things down a little the aim is to make Titan Warehouse a safer environment for everyone to enjoy. Everyone’s patience is very much appreciated.

Is re-entry permitted?

No re-entry will be permitted. Once you have entered Titan Warehouse you are of course able to leave whenever you want, but you will not be allowed to re-enter the event on that day.


Titan Road, Cardiff CF24 5JB

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